What’s Mindfulness got to do with Your Business

Written by Virin Gomber

“Vision is an image of the future that creates in you passion for success today.”

We often talk about the importance of a healthy eye vision so as not to lose the ability to see properly and ensure a lifelong, sustainable and strong eyesight. How does this simple concept translate for your business?
While most big businesses and corporates seem to have a vision statement, only a fraction of them are really clear about their vision. Generally their teams don’t actually understand it or base all business decisions with that vision in mind.
For Solopreneurs and smaller businesses, creating a vision statement is usually low in priority on the list. Most of them usually struggle with understanding the value and power of starting with a vision in mind. They are too caught up in the commercial dealings and end up getting embroiled in practical processes to the extent they lose sight of the direction they want to head in.
So how does having a Vision statement can help toward the success of your business?
Vision for your business
A Vision statement can have multiple benefits. But the most important of all is ‘clarity’.
We all know how a 20/20 eye vision for humans provides clarity and an ability to see the world around as it is. It also helps us safely negotiate any obstacles, actively look for new places and objects, save money on expensive eye treatment plans, have an enjoyable life experience, and even communicate effectively with others. Well, this is only just a few key benefits.
For business, this analogy translates into how a clear business vision can provide clarity for your professional road ahead, safely negotiate any challenges, communicate professionally, and also enjoy the whole business experience.
Having a Vision statement for your business will provide the roadmap to drive your systems and processes, and actively engages your team, suppliers and clients.
Moreover, it can help you deal with challenges and difficult situations, while keeping you motivated towards your goals till you achieve them.
If you ever get stuck and think of giving up, it will remind you of why you started your business in the first place.
Your business deserves a chance to understand its purpose and maintain a clear focus with a vision that aligns with your own vision.

Virin Gomber

Virin Gomber is a Success Consultant, Mindfulness Trainer and Inspirational Speaker who is dedicated to helping people become top achievers. If you're interested in turning your stress into success and optimal balance, then reach out and request a free strategy session today.