Define Your Purpose, Supercharge Your Business

Written by Virin Gomber

Whether you are already in business – a solopreneur or trying to become one, you will relate to the fact that it’s so easy to dream, to tell people about your ambitions, to create vision boards and write down your goals. But do you actually have any idea about the real purpose of your business?

It’s also easy to stand in front of a mirror and declare affirmations. And that’s where most people stop…. hoping, wishing and dreaming that their business will take off.
The very act of dreaming stops you from achieving your dreams, but then it’s also critical as a starting step.
The Purpose of your dream business

More important than dreaming is the real purpose of your dream and getting clarity on it.
“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.” – Benjamin Disraeli.
When you are trying real hard and doing everything it takes to manifest your success and grow the business of your dreams but nothing seems to work, your purpose will come to your aid. Pause in that moment and reflect back on the real purpose – the ‘Why’ of your business.
One of the most common examples of people giving up on their dreams is when they join a gym to achieve the body of their dreams. A few weeks into it, and they realise it’s harder than they thought. The glamorous image of a hot looking body suddenly starts to feel like a distant dream. And they let that dream fade away.
If you had a strong purpose to begin with – whether it was living a healthy life, being a role model to your kids or trying to be less of a burden on the health system – that’s what will keep you going in that moment of despair or lack of motivation.
Purpose fuels motivation

As you can see, purpose is directly linked to motivation. And it’s been proven that motivation helps achieve more than intelligence.
Studies from psychologist Carol Dweck show that your attitude is a much better predictor of success than your IQ.
Common sense would suggest that having a set of skills inspires confidence. And that’s true – it does, but only while the going is easy. But when you face setbacks, challenges and a wall of resistance, motivation becomes the deciding factor.
So, if you haven’t yet decided on the real purpose of your business, it’s time now to reflect on it and gain that missing clarity. The moment you acquire that understanding, your business will be supercharged and your and life will start to see rapid transformations.

Virin Gomber

Virin Gomber is a Success Consultant, Mindfulness Trainer and Inspirational Speaker who is dedicated to helping people become top achievers. If you're interested in turning your stress into success and optimal balance, then reach out and request a free strategy session today.